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Ryde Garden, Sydney, Australia

A breathtaking community in the sky

A landmark in mixed-use residential developments, Ryde Garden contributes to the ongoing urban renewal of high-growth precincts in New South Wales. Immersed in one of Australia’s most important business districts, it represents landscape and natural grandeur on a rare scale. Providing residents with a consummate standard of living, the development is driven by world-class design, quality and sustainability.

The project

Nestled in an acre of landscaped gardens and with panoramic views, the skyscraper city consists of three residential towers housing 830 apartments and retail outlets above basement level car parks. With 2,100 square metres of Public Park and communal rooftop terraces, an outdoor swimming pool, and barbecue and gym area, Ryde Garden provides a tranquil retreat.

With interior design using either light colours, with an emphasis on white with timber and grey accents, or dark, with timber and charcoal accents, the development is aesthetically stunning and welcoming. Material selection includes timber, concrete and steel to create a layered facade, while glass and aluminium on the tower facades bring floods of natural light.

The Ryde Garden three residential towers of 13, 23 and 27-storeys, North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia

RWC’s involvement

Luxury multi-dwelling developments, such as Ryde Garden, need technology to deliver safe and clean water to individual properties at a consistent temperature and equal volume. RMC Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) and Heatguard® Tempering Valves (HTVs) are used across the estate to provide high quality water for sanitation.

Safeguarding people and property, the PRVs regulate the water supply pressure to reduce the risk of burst pipes, floods and damage. Whereas HTVs are used to mix hot and cold water to a safer temperature, protecting residents from accidental burns and scalds, while ensuring optimal temperatures are always available at the point of use. The HTVs also enhance water purity with integral check valves and strainers, and the PRVs help to dissipate the noise of water flow and the chance of splash backs.

Contributing towards Ryde Garden’s agenda for sustainable design, the RMC valves reduce water wastage and energy consumption by maintaining consistent water pressure and temperatures throughout. The compact design featuring replaceable cartridges is ideal for multi-dwelling properties, where space is at a premium and maintenance needs to be carried out swiftly to minimise interruption to water supply.

a living room with beige furniture and carpets glass doors and wooden kitchen

Project at a glance

Development: Ryde Garden, Sydney, Australia

Client: Bates Smart, Sydney, Australia

Requirement: Safe and consistent temperature and water flow  

Specified solution: RMC Pressure Reducing Valves and Heatguard Tempering Valves

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