100 Years Of brand dominance and innovation in the design and manufacture of water valves and fittings.

This is continuing into the 21st Century with our SharkBite push to connect plumbing reticulation system and products. SharkBite is now the world’s most exciting and talked about plumbing brand.

700+ IP Assets More than 700 Intellectual Property assets globally, comprising patents, industrial designs and trademark registrations.

We continue to invest in research and development and engineering resources to bring innovative new products to the market. This is supported by a NATA accredited laboratory which also oversees our comprehensive quality assurance programme.

Our Major Products


Push-To-Connect Plumbing Fittings and Reticulation Systems

As the world number one, SharkBite® provides the ultimate range of push-fit plumbing fittings, with the most SKUs and applications and the very best product supply, marketing, training and support.

As the ultimate range of push-fit plumbing fittings, the SharkBite® Connection System has really taken hold of global markets with its ability to join copper, carbon steel, CPVC or PEX pipe in any combination—with no soldering, clamps, unions or glue. SharkBite also features an extensive range of PEX pipe in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit specific applications for use with both hot and cold water.

We continue to innovate with new Sharkbite products and innovations.

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Control Valves For Domestic Hot Water Systems and Ancillary Products

With an expansive range of water control valves – including thermostatic mixing valves, combination non-return and isolating valves, pressure, and temperature relief valves and expansion control valves-RMC brand valves provide a complete control system for all water heater applications, making them the premier choice of valves in the Australian plumbing market.

RMC is the leading manufacturer in the World of thermostatic mixing valves and together with our USA company is the largest manufacturer in the World of temperature and pressure relief valves for main pressure hot water services.

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As the world’s largest volume Temperature & Relief Valve manufacturer, Cash Acme continues to be the expert on all ranges of water safety valves in North America with over 100 years of plumbing industry mastery.

Available in USA, Canada and South America and exported to Europe. Visit Site

As a specialist in the design, distribution and technical support of advanced water control devices, Reliance Water Controls® leverages expertise in the control of temperature, pressure and flow to maintain premier position as a leading supplier to the sanitary, plumbing and heating industries in Europe.

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Pipe & Equipment Support Systems

The last three decades have seen HOLDRITE® evolve from a single product family business to an international corporation and acknowledged industry leader. Hundreds of millions of HOLDRITE® products have been installed into a wide variety of projects from single-family and multi-family housing to hotel, government, military, healthcare, institutional and many other market sectors. By understanding both the large project perspective and specific application requirements, HOLDRITE® has developed solutions that assist in establishing a “shop standard” for the collaborative efforts of developers, architects, engineers and contractors. Over the years, HOLDRITE® has become the industry standard for “Converting Makeshift Methods into Engineered Solutions.”℠

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Other Products

RMC supplies a range of water meters suitable for both hot and cold water and for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Our meters conform to Australian standards and are available in configurations suitable for each state in Australia. The RMC metering product range includes multijet, bullet positive displacement, industrial cold water, harvest irrigation, hot water and many more types of water meter products.

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RMC backflow preventers provide the protection you need to ensure your water supply is safe in case of negative or decreased water pressure. In the event of backpressure or backsiphonage, our backflow prevention devices help halt the reversal of water and the decrease the chances of contamination of potable water supplies.

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Backflow prevention products protect a water supply by halting the reverse flow of water in the event of negative or decreased supply pressure. In doing so, any contaminants that may be downstream of the device cannot contaminate the water supply. Cash Acme’s range of backflow prevention devices includes hose connection vacuum breakers, dual check valves, vented dual checks and atmospheric vacuum breakers.

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TubeFit Industrial Products provide top-of-the-line solutions to industrial-grade plumbing and gas line applications. With a comprehensive product range, spanning compression fittings, couplings, adaptors, ball valves and more—TubeFit can provide the products to connect any industrial facility with confidence.

Tubefit is available throughout Australia. Visit Site

The same industrial fittings product range is available in New Zealand under the Titon Brand

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Reliance Custom Forgings has a state of the art forging facility which can produce a broad range of custom forged products. Current products include building products, water meter bodies and other custom forgings.

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Watsford Tubex has been manufacturing high quality custom extrusions for over 35 years.
We have the best extrusion manufacturing facility in Australia, with inline measurement of
tube diameter and thickness ensuring tight tolerances. Tubes and pipes can be manufactured
in a range of diameters, wall thicknesses , material types, colours, custom printing and tube
bundle configurations.

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Ryemetal offers the largest range of Australian manufactured traditional brass plumbing fittings to the Australian plumbing industry. Our extensive range of standard line fittings are available in screwed, capillary or compression designs. Other non – standard fittings may be supplied on request. These fittings feature increased wall thickness for withstanding higher operating pressures, longer tapered threads for better connections and wider nuts for easier tightening.

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Backed by 80 years of expertise and full ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, Matthews Fire Alarm® delivers fire plumbing products such as hydrant valves, boosters, standpipes and couplings to the Australian market.

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HOLDRITE® HydroFlame™ firestop systems, the UL Listed water, smoke, and firestop systems provide a water seal for unwanted water intrusion while still protecting against the spread of fire, smoke and gases. Also, available are water dam and water module accessories for added water-tight requirements.

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On average, the HOLDRITE Silencer system reduces plumbing noise by 87%. HOLDRITE Acoustic Isolation products integrate with HOLDRITE® Pipe Support Systems and reduce plumbing noise and vibration. Field tested and approved, these products are compatible with Copper, PEX, CPVC, Cast Iron and other materials, and are ISO-3822 Certified Lab Tested.

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