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Research & Development

RWC is constantly evolving; not just our production techniques, equipment and processes, but our ever-growing product ranges and solutions.

We seek to create pioneering technologies every day

RWC formula for innovation

Sometimes true innovation goes unseen, existing only in the knowing glances between our talented engineers. At RWC, we seek to create pioneering technologies every day, while pursuing perfection and supreme quality for each one of our product designs.

Instinctive innovators, we develop solutions engineered to genuinely improve lives and help solve everyday problems around the world. We are always looking at ways to transform productivity and efficiency for our end users to create value for our distribution partners.

When Marc Schoenheimer first opened the doors of RMC in 1949, he was determined to run a company where quality of product and excellence of service underpinned its ethos.

A strong spirit of innovation was encouraged from the outset, which led to the invention of many industry firsts – truly iconic breakthroughs that have changed the course of multiple industries forever.

Truly iconic breakthroughs

Brass push-to-connect plumbing & heating systems

Plastic push-to-connect plumbing & heating systems

Pressure and temperature control valves

Over 70 years of engineering excellence

From state-of-the-art R&D to world class product testing and quality control, our innovations are the by-product of pure engineering mastery

Recognising the power of R&D

man wearing safety goggles looking at a part being drilled with a pillar drill

The ingenious minds we employ in R&D are, in many ways, the key to our success. And how we continue to shape a better world.

RWC is constantly evolving; not just our production techniques, equipment and processes, but our ever-growing product ranges.

By continuously investing huge resources in our R&D facilities across the globe and by employing the brightest minds, we develop sophisticated - yet simple - solutions for our customers. With three centres in the US, one in the UK and one in Australia, we are fully equipped to research, develop and innovate on a far-reaching, global scale.

Extreme levels of testing

Men in white lab coat in test lab

Making the most reliable and robust products requires tough love and expert testing.

At our state-of-the-art test labs products are subjected to months of repetitive and rigorous testing. Whether it's using specialist thermal ovens to test products in excess of 95°C, or using cycle rigs to blast them with 45 bar pressure for 1,000 hours, we certainly know how to put our products through their paces.

RWC products are certified independently to meet the standards set for each country where we operate. So, we’re supremely confident they fulfil our agenda to shape a better world, precisely and without compromise.

Supreme quality

JG Speedfit product going through an automated quality inspection machine

Using strict quality control processes and sophisticated technology within each assembly unit, RWC measure dimensions and specification compliance, so that by the time products hit the shop floor they exceed industry standards.

It’s this commitment to quality that has led to prestigious awards from many of the world’s leading testing and approvals organisations.

Our brands help customers deliver, control, optimise and solve.