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About RWC

RWC and its family of brands transform performance and efficiency for plumbing and heating, smart homes and specialist industries around the world.

Plumbing Matters. We Make It Better.

One brand family, one complete solution

As a global family of powerful brands, we have developed a complementary product portfolio to help our customers deliver, control, optimise and solve in innovative, reliable and simple ways every single day.

Game changing industry firsts

Brass push-to-connect plumbing & heating systems

Plastic push-to-connect plumbing & heating systems

Pressure and temperature control valves

From humble beginnings to global powerhouse

Downtown Brisbane, Australia

Rich heritage brought us to where we are today, and we are extremely proud of it. And like many of the world’s leading inventions, our origins come from humble beginnings. For us, it was 1949 Brisbane, Australia, where we set up a small tool shop. Fast-forward to today and we’re one of the fastest growing publicly traded industrial companies listed on Australia's Securities Exchange.

RWC is a powerful family of brands with a reputation to match. Passing down over 70 years of innovation, we strive to shape a better world by continuously creating breakthrough products to make customers' lives easier and more efficient.

Serving 60+ countries worldwide

Billions of products used worldwide

2800+ employees

58 locations

29 distribution hubs

14 manufacturing plants

5 innovation centres

Americas 21 facilities Asia-Pacific 23 facilities Europe, Middle East & Africa 14 facilities

Regional Headquarters

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