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Reliance Valves

Water control valves for plumbing and heating.

The world's largest temperature & pressure valve manufacturer

Creating safer and more comfortable environments

Incorporating our industry-leading brands, RMC Water Valves and CashAcme, Reliance Valves give you precise control over the delivery of water through a robust range of potable and non-potable plumbing products. We specialise in water pressure, temperature and thermostatic mixing valves that protect and safeguard hot water systems, while creating safe and comfortable homes and workspaces.

Our extensive range of combination valves are designed to make installers’ jobs easier, taking less time to fit and less space on site. Reliance Valves are suitable for all kinds of projects from residential to commercial and industrial applications.

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Over 150,000 water heater and pressure relief valves are made each week across our manufacturing plants

Changing the industry today and tomorrow

Reliance Valves invented the world’s first packaged unvented water heating storage system and low pressure relief valve over 70 years ago, and we are still pioneering solutions to this day for the plumbing and heating industry. Our products can be used alongside our SharkBite and JG Speedfit brands to create a single solution from meter to fixture from one manufacturer.

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