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John Guest

Intelligent plastic push-to-connect technologies for drinks dispense, pure water, air & pneumatics, blown fibre, automotive and OEM solutions.

Changing the way pipe and tube connections are made

Game changing solutions for diverse industries

John Guest is changing the way pipe and tube connections are made for a diverse range of industries across the globe by transforming the movement of fluid, air and data. Both market leaders and niche players have been using our push-to-connect solutions for more than five decades to solve the key challenges they face. Why? Because the clever science behind our push-to-connect fittings ensure optimal performance, while providing fast and simple installation.

Although individual when it comes to a specific function, all of our fittings share something in common - the same trusted technology and precision engineering we are renowned for. So, whether you’re taking a shower, driving a car, making a call, or having a drink at your local bar, you’ve probably already been in contact with our trusted technology.

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Innovative push-to-connect solutions for a wide variety of specialist industries

Pioneers in purity, delivering safe and high-quality drinking water, beer and beverages

Fluid push-to-connect technology

Raising the bar for breweries
International breweries such as Fullers, Heineken, Carlsberg and Guinness use John Guest push-to-connect fittings to deliver beer from keg to tap. Designed to overcome detrimental effects on beer quality caused by less efficient traditional contact cooling systems, PolarClean optimises draught quality due to its uniquely efficient temperature conditioning of beer whilst in the line.

PolarClean maximises revenue per keg, with less beer in drip trays, less beer rejections, less ullage due to extended cleaning frequency and most importantly satisfying consumers. It also provides an opportunity for hotels, restaurants and other venues with space limitations and no cellar, to serve draught beer instead of packaged beer.

Pure water for drinks dispense
John Guest push-to-connect technology can be found in water purification systems, where FDA compliant materials are used for potable liquid. Designed specifically for fluid control and drinks dispense these connectors ensure that purification of water systems is guaranteed.

Set up compressed air systems in half the time with push-to-connect technology

Air & Pneumatics push-to-connect solutions

Creating the most effective compressed air line requires uninterrupted airflow at the desired pressure without any fluctuations. Leaks down the line can be very costly, resulting in huge demand for leak-proof connection seals that withstand consistently high pressure and usage. That’s where John Guest compressed air and pneumatics push-to-connect solutions come in.

Our technology increases productivity and performance, taking half the time to get your systems up and running compared to other solutions. Just like any other push-to-connect fitting range offered by John Guest, our compressed air pipe and connectors are reusable and can be mounted or dismounted in seconds, enabling future modifications.

2.5 million blown fibre push-to-connect fittings made each year

Blown Fibre push-to-connect solutions

John Guest pioneered the first push-to-connect fitting for use in blown fibre and cable pressurisation systems three decades ago. Today, around 2.5 million of these push-to-connect fittings are made and sold each year helping to deliver high-speed internet to millions of homes and offices.

Resisting extreme temperatures and built to perform in tough conditions, our connectors feature a unique locking system that seals onto the microduct tube, providing a clear pathway for fibre bundle or cable passage. For added protection, our Speedfit Secure range comes with an integral collet-locking feature. Our extensive range of connectors – including gas and water block fittings – can be installed in seconds as no specialist tools are needed. Fittings can be dismounted and refitted making replacing cables and expansion work fast and simple.

Leading communication providers such as BT, Virgin and Sky rely on our fittings due to their high performance and reliability. Such is the quality of our fittings, the UK’s Ministry of Defence also use them in aircraft carriers and destroyers, where fast communication is essential to rapid response.

Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW and Ford... just some of the prestigious cars featuring Speedfit Technology

Automotive push-to-connect solutions

Our journey in the automotive sector began in the 1980s when Ford asked us to design a new connector for their fuel lines. Using our unique Speedfit Technology, the first plastic push-to-connect fitting for automotive was born.

Traditionally metal connectors were used but compared to push-to-connect they took longer to install and the weight impacted vehicle performance. The introduction of our automotive connectors shook things up as it made vehicles much lighter, cutting fuel consumption and improving acceleration rates, resulting in a surge in demand for our solutions across the industry.

It was not long before our success in automotive went full throttle with John Guest developing state-of-the-art fittings, gradually becoming integral components for automotive design. The fact that the push-to-connect system is much quicker and easier to install was an added benefit for manufacturers, who could mount and dismount without the use of tools.

Today, Speedfit Technology is present in prestigious cars from Ferrari to Jaguar, to BMW and Ford. So, the next time you drive your car, remember Speedfit Technology could be under the bonnet powering fuel and brake lines, power steering and air suspension.

At John Guest, we love a challenge. It's where our engineers unleash their creativity and shine bright

Specialist Industries & OEM

Our team takes enormous pride in developing innovative solutions. From wine distilleries to crop irrigation plants to animal feeding equipment to inhalation therapies, our push-to-connect technology is found in the most unusual places as an integral part of many OEM systems.

Using our core technology, John Guest works closely with customers to design and supply an extensive range of bespoke engineered parts. Blending engineering and manufacturing expertise with a high-quality service, enables John Guest to develop customised solutions to meet customer needs. Not only are our products versatile and robust, they are easy to assemble, offer high burst pressure and a low insertion level, which makes them an essential component for specialist industries.