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Proud to be partners with Edd China

Edd China Workshop Diaries

Edd China working on a car

The world’s most popular mechanical maestro and former presenter of Wheeler Dealers, is back with his new series, Workshop Diaries. From his workshop in Buckinghamshire, the series follows a range of exciting projects from classic cars to amphibious vehicles, tractors, bikes and planes where Edd explores old and new technologies.

RWC and our family of brands – John Guest, JG Speedfit, SharkBite and Reliance Valves – are proud to be part of the team. As the official Infrastructure Partners we’ve fitted out Edd’s workshop with our SharkBite Compressed Air Ring Main System and are providing push-fit innovation and expertise to help bring Edd’s projects to life throughout the series.

For when the pressure's on...

We're delighted that Edd has been using our SharkBite Air products within his workshop. Watch episode 10 to see the system in action!

This push-fit range provides fast, simple and reliable connections using brass connections and anodised aluminium pipe. Available in 10 to 54mm sizes, the robust brass-body fittings can withstand high pressure up to 20 bar, making it ideal for small to large commercial and industrial applications. 


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