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Refreshing innovation for drinks dispense

It’s time to raise a glass to John Guest

Next time you raise your glass, consider toasting our very own John Guest. After all, it was John Guest that invented the world’s first food grade push-fit fitting almost forty years ago.

On discovering that lead in compression fittings reacted with beer to cause serious health concerns, it was John Guest the industry turned to for a solution. The plastic push-fit connector for drinks dispense was born offering a safer and more convenient alternative.

Since then we have continued to develop a wide range of innovative fittings, valves and tubing for drink dispense, as well integral components for other fluid OEM applications.

Millions of our push-fit connectors are made each year and trusted worldwide for beverage drinks dispense, coffee makers, vending machines, water coolers, and countless other fluid applications.

A wide range of benefits

A push fit connector

Instant push-fit connections that are demountable without tools

Two rubber seals presented side by side

Reliable, leak-tight seals

Airflow passing through a fitting

Superior flow characteristics

A beer with a foamy head

Non-toxic food grade material

A raised fist; from which a medal dangles

Improves system performance and reduces maintenance

An hour glass

Enhances equipment lifespan

JG PolarClean, developed in collaboration with Heineken, brings extra cold beer straight from the keg to the font while eliminating the risk of microbiological activity.

Today, 95% of  beer lines in the UK use John Guest technology.

Case studies

Find our more about our extensive range for drinks dispense by downloading our product guide.

60 Years of Trust logo which reads: 60 Years of Trust. Made in Britain. Used worldwide.

Here’s to the next 60 years

We’ve achieved a lot in the last 60 years, but we’d rather look forward than back. Our talented engineers are already busy working on the next innovation to come. Watch this space…

Made in the UK. Trusted worldwide.

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