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Going against the flow for 60 years

More plumbing innovations in the pipeline

Since 1961, John Guest’s pioneering innovations have been challenging convention to transform performance and efficiency for many industries. Originally invented for compressed air in 1973, our game-changing JG Speedfit technology has been trusted for decades, not just in plumbing and heating, but to transform the way connections are made for many global brands from Heineken to Ferrari.

Today millions of our products are used around the globe, from our revolutionary push-fit plumbing and heating system, to our latest tool-free service valves and tap connectors, to our energy-efficient underfloor heating solutions.

Engineered to perform and built to last

Speedfit Elbow with plastic and copper pipe

Whether you are working on a new installation or a repair, maintenance or improvement job, you can be sure that JG Speedfit will provide a fast and leak-tight connection first time, every time.

JG Speedfit's unique features enable fast, simple and reliable installation. Our plumbing and heating system includes a perfect blend of push-fit and multi-seal technology, are fully demountable without tools, and come with a 50-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.


A wide range of benefits

Two rubber seals presented side by side

High performance multi-seal technology  

A wrench blocked by a 'no' symbol

Install, demount and refit without tools

Safer and cleaner with no hot works, flux or glue

A push fit connector in a tight space

Less labour-intensive, especially in tight spaces

A couple of harmless looking natural leaves in front of a vial full of liquid.

Non-toxic, resists corrosion and no scale build-up

A metal and a plastic pipe

Compatible with plastic or copper pipe

Ultra flexible pipe material

Underfloor heating pipe being laid

Made from Polybutylene, JG Layflat pipe makes long pipe runs and cabling through joists a breeze as it lays flat and stays flat straight from the coil. Whereas our PEX Pipe is ideal for shorter runs where a more rigid pipe material is an advantage.

Designed to withstand high pressure our pipes can bend up to  90° angles without the need for extra couplings. This makes it easier for you to weave pipes through walls, ceilings, basements and other tight spaces, reducing the number of leak points and delivering substantial labour and cost-savings.

More than elbows, straights and tees

Valves banner

To help you get the job done, we also offer an extended range of plastic and metal push-fit tap connectors, service valves, stop valves and flexi hoses. From fitting bathrooms to kitchens and utility rooms, Speedfit’s second fix products make connecting appliances and fixtures fast and simple. And repair and maintenance work is quick and easy, too.

But that’s not all, we also offer energy-efficient and easy to fit underfloor heating solutions with push-fit manifolds and connections.

Case studies

Learn more about our extensive plumbing and heating range by downloading our product guide.

60 Years of Trust logo which reads: 60 Years of Trust. Made in Britain. Used worldwide.

Here’s to the next 60 years

We’ve achieved a lot in the last 60 years, but we’d rather look forward than back. Our talented engineers are already busy working on the next innovation in the pipeline. Watch this space…

Made in the UK. Trusted worldwide.  

Find out about the other industry sectors we support and why we've been trusted for 60 years. 

Our story in the making...

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