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RWC reveals brand refresh for John Guest

John Guest Pioneers of push-to-connect

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC) has revealed a refreshed identity for its John Guest brand, that offers innovative push-to-connect solutions for a diverse range of industries.

Following RWC’s acquisition of John Guest Holdings Ltd, the company’s world-class brands have been united with the RWC family, helping customers around the globe to ‘deliver, control, optimise and solve’, and make life easier for everyone.

Heath Sharp, Group CEO at RWC explains: “For more than five decades, customers across many different sectors have been using John Guest push-to-connect technology to solve challenges with the movement of liquid, air and data. By refreshing the look and feel of the brand, we wanted to reflect the innovation that’s at the heart of John Guest’s heritage, while making it an integral part of the unified and modern RWC family.

“John Guest has been a game-changer for specialist industries for many years, for example - it pioneered the first push-to-connect fitting for use in compressed air and pneumatics over six decades ago, changing the way connections are made forever. Applying true engineering mastery, John Guest then developed the technology further with food-grade quality fittings for drinks dispense and to meet the exacting standards of automotive break lines and power steering systems. Today, millions of these push-to-connect fittings are made and sold each year. As part of the RWC family, the John Guest range is critical in our mission to solve complex challenges for our customers.”

John Guest push-to-connect solutions are essential for use in specialist industries including compressed air and pneumatics, drinks dispense, pure water, blown fibre, and automotive.


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