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Extra cold, ultra simple.

JG PolarClean is a pioneering range of push-fit connectors. Designed to improve the conditioning of beer, it means you can pull the perfect pint every time.

Trusted by leading breweries to keep beer lines extra cold and clean.

Using tube-in-tube technology our JG PolarClean connectors deliver extra cold beer straight from the keg coupler to the beer font, without the need for a cellar. Bars, restaurants, cafés and hotels can now install a draught beer system in limited spaces, at minimal cost. It also enables different beer temperatures to be achieved in a single python.

Six reasons to choose JG PolarClean

Raising the bar for international breweries

Heineken needed a partner who has been living and breathing the drinks dispense industry long enough to accommodate their high-quality requirements, which is where RWC’s plastic push-to-connect trendsetter John Guest came along.

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