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Making a positive social impact

Everywhere we operate around the world our business is connected to our communities. This brings responsibilities that go beyond the products we make and the way we operate.

Reporting on our progress

Social Impact Report 2020 mock up on ipad

Sustainability and positive impact are embedded principles of our business strategy. They enable us to address the challenging global issues through products that support access to water, improve water infrastructure and safety, and help achieve greater efficiency in the building process.

Our reporting highlights many examples of our strategy and approach through the lens of product leadership, operational excellence, supporting our people and robust governance. 

Discover more about our endeavors to shape a better world

Sustainability in action

  • We recycle 120 tons of wood, plastic and paper every month

    Towards zero

    Over 120 tons of wood, plastic and paper are recycled in the US every month, supporting our goal of zero landfill exposure. Globally, we recycle 6 million kg of brass every year.

  • Chiller technology in the UK delivers 56% annual energy savings

    Cooler savings

    Chiller technology in the UK optimises machine performance and tool cooling, delivering annual energy savings of 56%.

  • In Brisbane, Australia, 100% of the ware we use to make valves is recycled.

    Water economy

    We have reduced our own water use by 11%. In Brisbane, Australia 100% of the water we use to make valves is recycled, for use in gardens.

  • Roof mounted solar panels generate up to 34% of the energy at our John Guest site in Cornwall.

    Brighter future

    Our John Guest manufacturing site in Cornwall, UK uses roof mounted solar panels to generate up to 34% of its energy requirement.

Real world applications

United Nations SDG Icons

Following the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, we have five key areas  of focus. 

Wide ranging applications, across multiple segments, address the delivery of clean water at safe temperatures, water and energy conservation, and increased labour efficiency, all of which are aligned to our prioritised United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Bringing our purpose to life

Our values

Putting people first

  • We have achieved a 46% reduction in reportable injury rate.

    Workplace wellbeing

    We have achieved a 46% reduction in reportable injury rate in 2020 vs. 2018.

  • Over 85 volunteers run our global Diversity & Inclusivity programme.

    One team

    We have a global Diversity & Inclusivity programme, run by over 85 volunteers, that celebrates our diversity and encourages inclusivity across our regions.

  • In 2020 we reimbursed over $98,000 in employee tuition and training costs.

    Personal development

    We support ongoing learning and in 2020 reimbursed over AUD $98,000 in employee tuition and training costs.

  • Our No.1 priority is the health and safety of our employees

    Covid-19 initiatives

    The health and safety of our employees has always been our No.1 priority. 2020 saw the rapid deployment of social distancing, on-site cleaning, PPE, flexible working and mental health support across the world of RWC.

  • In 2020 we launched our Share Match Plan

    Invested in success

    To give employees an opportunity to benefit from our long-term success we launched an RWC Share Match Plan in 2020.

Sustainability at heart

Solar roof factory

At RWC, our aim is to minimise our impact on the environment and to grow responsibly. Our industrial scale facilities are both a strong strategic advantage but also a huge responsibility. We continually invest in reducing our carbon footprint across our 15 manufacturing sites, 24 distribution centres and five R&D hubs worldwide.

We follow four core principles: recycling, zero waste, renewable energy and lean manufacturing. We also take our sustainable thinking beyond the industry expectation. This way, we develop technologies that help to solve some of the key environmental problems today and for the future.

Connected to our communities

As a family-run business for many decades, we continue to have deep-rooted values that serve us and our communities well, as the growing global group we are today.

Our values of passion and integrity means we have supported a wide range of social and philanthropic causes over the years – whether it’s helping the disadvantaged, providing access to infrastructure, water and sanitation, or promoting education and gender equality.

Above all, we are a group of individuals who care. Our people are continually encouraged to make a difference in their local communities, as well as participating in companywide initiatives across the globe. Our colleagues are supported to invest their time, talent and energy to shape a better world for today and tomorrow’s generations.

Ethical conduct

We have continued to make progress in our Modern Slavery programme and have issued a clear statement and policy addressing both short and long-term goals.

We believe that our global RWC community has the potential to bring positive change to every corner of the world