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Project Showcase

Time-saving and reliable products for plumbing and heating repair and maintenance work is the backbone of what we do. But new build construction and other specialist industries are benefiting from our pioneering technologies, too. Our strong brand portfolio is trusted by partners globally for delivering solutions for a wide range of projects, from the simple to spectacular and complex.

Birmingham’s Children Hospital, UK

Magnolia House Exterior

JG Speedfit partners with Birmingham Children’s Hospital to create a space that provides comfort to families during challenging times, with the utmost care, attention and respect.

Heineken, Worldwide

Heineken Brewery

John Guest develops new technology for Heineken to bring extra cold beer straight from the keg to the tap. PolarClean tube-in-tube technology keeps beer at the optimal drinking temperature, while eradicating the risk of microbiological activity, improving carbonation and product wastage.

Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital, Ontario, Canada

four doctors performing an operation in an operating room

Reliance Valves provide safe water flow and temperature regulation for vulnerable patients at Mackenzie Hospital.

Ferrari, Worldwide

Ferrari on the road

Ferrari take things up a gear with John Guest Speedfit’s high performance and easy to assemble automotive push-to-connect fittings for high-pressure power steering systems.

EDF Energy, Hinkley Point C, Somerset, UK

Sunset shot of EDF Energy Hinkley Point C, Somerset, UK

Reliance Valves play a critical role in safeguarding reactor temperature at Hinkley Point, the world’s first next generation power station. Used throughout the facility, Reliance Valves help deliver against EDF and Government standards for safe, quality and sustainable nuclear design.

The Lion and Antelope, Manchester Airport, UK

Hand of bartender pouring a large lager beer in tap. Pouring beer for client. Side view of young bartender pouring beer while standing at the bar counter.

John Guest’s state-of-the-art drinks dispense fittings ensure smooth cellar connection, consistent beer pour and a truly unique customer experience at The Lion and Antelope, Manchester Airport.