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Reliance Valves give you precise control over the delivery of water through a robust range of potable and non-potable plumbing products. We specialise in water pressure, temperature and thermostatic mixing valves that protect and safeguard hot and cold water systems to create safe and comfortable spaces where people live, work, learn and play.

Our extensive range of combination valves are designed to make your job easier, taking less time to fit and less space on site. From compression to BSP thread and push-fit, our valves come with a variety of end connections and are suitable for residential and commercial applications.


Here’s just some of our standout products:

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

Our TMVs blend hot and cold water to ensure safe and comfortable water temperature, reducing the risk of accidental injuries and burns. Multifunctional by design, our valves prevent backflow and water impurities, as well as providing a fail-safe/emergency shut off and tamperproof adjustment setting. Approved for basins, bidets, showers and high pressure fill baths, our valves are quick and easy to install and provide ultimate protection to end users, while reducing water wastage and energy consumption. 


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Heatguard Dual

• Rapid failsafe on supply
• Tamperproof cap
• Scale resistant internal components
• Flat faced union connections
• 15mm, 22mm and universal options

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Ausimix valve

Ausimix Compact

• Compact design
• Rapid failsafe on supply
• Unique temperature adjustment tool
• Flat faced union or push-fit connections
• 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 connection points (telescopic option)

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Tenant Valve Plus

Designed to save you time and money, Tenant Valve Plus uniquely combines a number of functions in one compact, self-contained unit to control and monitor water supply in multi-site locations, such as flats, apartments and offices. Utilising a single cartridge design, the unit incorporates a ball isolating valve (also approved as a stop valve), pressure reducing valve, double check valve, dual reading pressure gauge/test point and an optional connection point for water meters.


Tenant Valve Plus image

Tenant Valve Plus

• 5 core components combined into 1 unit
• For use up to 16.0 bar pressure and temperatures up to 80°C
• Compact design for easy installation
• Supplied with moulded insulation case
• FBSP thread connections

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Commercial 315i Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

PRVs control and regulate water pressure to reduce the risk of burst pipes, flooding and damage to heating systems and appliances. Conserving energy, PRVs reduce the amount of water that comes out at the point of use by slowing down the water pressure. Available in a range of safe lead-free materials, some of our valves also include filters for enhanced water purity.

Commercial 315i

Commercial 315i Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV)

Easy to read pressure indicator
Robust and durable design
Fully serviceable strainer
Install in any orientation
BSP thread, capillary or push-fit connections

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Thermal Balancing Valve (TBV)

TBVs ensure that a balanced and safe water temperature is available when and where it is needed by regulating flow rates depending on the temperature. Suitable for circulating hot water systems, our valves also help to reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

Thermal balancing valve image

Thermal Balancing Valve (TBV)

Easy temperature adjustment (40-65°C)
Disinfection function to protect against legionella
Tamperproof cap
Insulation jacket, ID tag and dry-fit thermometer
BSP thread connections

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Floguard Double Check Valve

Floguard Double Check Valve protects water supply from the risk of backflow and backsiphonage contamination. The valve contains a check cartridge, which, under normal conditions, is held closed by pressure within the system. When vacuum conditions occur, the suction causes the check cartridge to open and air to flow through, equalising the pressure within the hot water heater.

Floguard image

Floguard Double Check Valve

Compact and lightweight design
Allows High flow rate with minimum pressure drop
Ideal for all Class 3 Contamination Risk
Integral test point for monitoring downstream check valve
FBSP thread or compression connections

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Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve

Our compact TRP15 and TRP22 temperature and pressure relief valves protect against over pressurisation in unvented hot water systems when the input temperature or pressure controls fail. If the system rises above 95°C, the wax mixture within the temperature probe will expand, lifting the valve off its seat and releasing water to waste, thereby reducing the pressure. When water pressure increases (without temperature increase) the valve will stay closed until the set pressure of the relief mechanism is reached, at which point the valve will again open and the excess pressure is relieved.

Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve image

TPR15 & TPR22 Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves

Twist top cartridge for easy servicing
Different pressure settings and probe lengths
15 or 22mm size
MBSP thread connection 
PTFE coating option

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Safe and comfortable spaces where people live, work, learn and play.

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