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Performance, that’s as good as it looks.

SharkBite Air & Pneumatics push-fit compressed air piping system offers greater performance, connectivity and efficiency.

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Designed to maximise flow and minimise pressure drops, SharkBite’s robust anodised aluminium pipe and brass fittings exceed industry standards by withstanding pressure up to 20 bar.

Using push-fit connection technology, SharkBite offers rapid assembly and configuration, eliminating the need for tools, threaded pipes, solvent or glue.

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As featured on Workshop Diaries

We're delighted that Edd China has been using our SharkBite Air products within his workshop.

As the official Infrastructure Partners to the Workshop Diaries series, we've supported Edd by fitting our SharkBite Air Ring Main System into his workshop, using push-fit innovation and expertise to bring his projects to life throughout the series.

Benefits of SharkBite Air

SharkBite’s anodised aluminium pipe and brass push-fit fittings combine design aesthetics with high performance to create an airtight seal.

Sharkbite Air Easier & Faster Icon

Fast and simple to install and extend, reducing set-up times by up to 50% compared with traditional methods.

Sharkbite Air Corrosion Resistant Icon

Corrosion resistant solution that extends equipment lifecycle and reduces maintenance downtime.

Sharkbite Air 20 Bar Pressure Icon

Optimal performance handling high pressure up to 20 bar.

Sharkbite Air Minimise Pressure Drops Icon

Reduces the risk of pressure drops and leaks that lead to higher energy costs.

A metal and a plastic pipe

A versatile solution that is compatible with powder coated aluminium, copper, PEX and nylon pipes.

Sharkbite Air Improve Flow Icon

A wide range of fittings available from 10 to 54mm, including a 45˚ elbow to improve air flow.

For use across a variety of applications

SharkBite Air is suitable for small to large commercial and industrial applications across a wide range of sectors.

From straight header pipe installation to more complex air ring mains to powering production processes, tools and machines, SharkBite effectively delivers the correct volume of high-quality air.

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